Food Safety Section

Animalia operates to ensure food safety throughout the food supply value chain. It contributes to the proper drug use in primary production through the provision of enhanced veterinary competence for production animals. In collaboration with farmers, Animalia provides and implements necessary measures to reduce the delivery of dirty farm animals to slaughterhouses. In general, through producing scientific outputs, providing consultancies, risk assessments, reviews, inspections, monitoring, control programs, development of industry guidelines and provision of training to operators and management, Animalia contributes to the production of safe meat and meat products.

Current research projects in the food safety section:

Hygiene Performance Rating for slaughtering of cattle, sheep and pigs

The Hygiene Performance Rating (HPR) protocol is developed by Animalia, Norway. The unique auditing tool for assessment of slaughter hygiene has been used in Norwegian abattoirs for the last 10 years. The HPR evaluate and documents visually each operation on the slaughter line, assessing the factors that can affect the slaughter hygiene. It is based on systematic evaluation of general hygienic practices of each operation. The operators’ hygienic behaviour and risk handling of the carcasses along with routines and management, is assessed and the scores are punched into a web based application.

Read more about HPR in this doucument (pdf)