About Animalia

Animalia stands as the primary knowledge and development center for meat and egg production in Norway.

We are a industry-neutral organisation, that provides Norwegian farmers and the entire Norwegian meat and egg industry with knowledge and expertise through livestock recording systems and animal health services, mission-critical technical systems, research and development projects, e-learning and training, communication, and other knowledge dissemination initiatives.

We aim to contribute to increased value creation, reduced costs, and high trust in Norwegian meat and egg production. Our operations enhance the long-term competitiveness of farmers and the industry by delivering knowledge-based, valuable, and cost-effective services.

The core of Animalia's operations is industry-neutral work funded by a sales tax on meat and eggs. Additionally, there are project and contract revenues.

On January 1, 2018, Animalia's operations were separated from Nortura SA into a separate limited company. Animalia AS is jointly owned by Nortura SA and the Meat and Poultry Industry Federation (KLF). Ownership is divided with 66% held by Nortura SA and 34% by KLF. The board of Animalia AS consists of six shareholder-elected board members and two employee representatives.