Livestock Recording Systems

Norwegian livestock production is efficient and well-documented. Animalia develops and manages four livestock recording systems for cattle, sheep, pigs and meat goats.

The recording systems are open to all Norwegian farmers with livestock herds of pigs, cattle, meat goats, or sheep. They provide farmers with a comprehensive overview of the animals and their production from birth to slaughter. This allows them to analyze the results within their own herd and set new goals.

Beef Cattle Performance Recording System is the nationwide livestock recording system for beef cattle, beef-crossbreeds, and feeder animals. All cattle producers in Norway can become members. 

Sheep Performance Recording System is the nationwide program and the foundation for breeding work in the Norwegian sheep industry. The recording system is open to all Norwegian sheep producers. You can choose to register your data yourself or have a slaughterhouse advisor register it for you. 

Pig Performance Recording System is a management and registration tool. Data is collected in a central database and forms the basis for breeding work in pigs, statistics, research, and slaughter forecasts. 

Meat Goat Performance Recording System is open to all dairy goat producers in Norway. It provides an overview of all animals - from birth to slaughter.